Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley

Nanci Stanley, Certified Midwife

I never planned on being a midwife. It was a calling.

In 1992, I attended my first birth. Knowing very little about childbirth, I was intrigued when a friend asked me to be at her daughter’s home birth delivery. I assisted the midwife with anything that was needed, while watching with awe as the little girl was born.

This began my journey to becoming a midwife.


Other friends began asking me to help at their deliveries. So over and over again, I found myself in the birth scene. Coaching, cleaning, holding a hand, and comforting a mom, were just some of the roles I played. Over the next few years, I attended approximately 50 births in various capacities. Twice, the expected midwife did not make the delivery in time, and I ended up delivering the baby!

Because moms kept telling me over and over “how specially gifted” I was at this, I began to recognize that it was indeed my calling. I enrolled in midwifery school and began my apprenticeship. After graduating I started my own practice and have been delivering babies ever since! Each time I “catch” a sweet baby, I am in awe at the miracle before me! So far I’ve delivered over 700 babies.


Fortunately for the Houston area, there are many wonderful midwives available. Each having their own ways of practicing and their own style of midwifery. As a midwife, I love the whole process of pregnancy, birth and beyond! I educate my clients in all areas relating to their health and the health of their baby. We spend loads of time together, preparing for the birth of their child. We become friends as we walk through this journey. I believe in the “natural-ness” of birth and a woman’s’ ability to go through labor and delivery in a safe and secure environment. I am a “hands on ” nurturing midwife who’s ultimate goal is a healthy momma and a healthy baby!

I believe that education and safety are crucial! Although I love delivering babies at home, I also understand the need for a hospital birth when a home birth is no longer the best option. I have a wonderful back-up OB that I require all my mommas to see at the end of their pregnancy. This relationship brings comfort to both the client and myself. Having a protocol for accepting only healthy clients, helps to ensure the best chance for a low risk delivery. Having me as your midwife guarantees that I will give you a great education and an assurance that I will help you through this journey of becoming a parent.

I am the mother of 4 wonderful children. I delivered all of them naturally and I used a midwife with 3 of my pregnancies. Having experienced a variety of midwives myself, I have gleaned wisdom and knowledge from each of them, to become the midwife I am today!