Birth Classes

Birth Classes

  • Classes can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Childbirth classes explore the physical, psychological, sexual and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting.
  • Classes will provide the tools to help guide you through labor and birth, including intensive breathing and relaxation.
  • Topics covered include information important to maintaining a healthy pregnancy all the way through to breastfeeding and the immediate postpartum period, helping you make informed choices all along the continuum of the childbearing cycle.
  • This unique course will prepare you in taking responsibility for the birth of your child and the transition in becoming parents.

Class Series Outline

Part One: Introduction to the anthropological, historical, sociological and psychological elements of birth. The midwifery model will also be explored.

Part Two: Pregnancy–Growth and Decision Making emphasizes parents’ responsibility and choices regarding the place of birth, care provider, the use of labor assistants/birth doulas, interventions and medications. Changes that occur during pregnancy are explored, including body image and sexuality. The importance of nutrition is discussed. Communication exercises are introduced.

Part Three: The Process of Birth explores how the baby is born and how the mother and her partner can work together towards a more positive labor and birth. This class covers breathing, relaxation, positions, vocalization and other tools for meeting the intensity of labor.

Part Four: Explore what it takes for families to attain their desired birth. Standard hospital and home birth procedures are discussed. Cesarean prevention, options concerning standard medical interventions such as episiotomy, epidurals, EFM and “active management of labor.” Students also discuss creating a birth plan.

Part Five: Dealing with the unexpected and helping parents dealing with various outcomes including how to communicate with their care provider to get their questions answered when unexpected events arise.

Part Six: We will explore the psychological, emotional and physical concerns of the postpartum period and new parenthood. The newborn exam, breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders and decisions related to baby care are also covered.

*Classes are tailored to each individuals needs