Free Consultation

To set up a time for a free consultation, discuss your new pregnancy, questions about home birth, or for any questions in general:

Call Nanci on her cell phone at 979-777-7344

Or E-mail Nanci at

What Happens at a Consultation?

During the free consult, we cover the basics of my care.  We talk about what my services cover, how much the cost is, what you can expect as my client, back -up plans, labs and more.
Good Questions that are often asked are:
How much time will Nanci spend with us at each appointment? 
1 hour
Will I have to wait for my appointment? 
NO!  I see clients on the hour, every hour so there is never any wait.
What will happen at a typical appointment? 

Of course we will cover a basic prenatal including:

  • Weight check
  • Blood Pressure
  • Urine check
  • Heart tones 
  • Fetal growth

And, we will also spend time discussing specifics relating to your current stage  of pregnancy. Emotional issues, physical complaints, nutritional needs and exercise are always covered.

Will I learn about natural remedies? 
YES!  I spend time educating you about essential oils, homeopathics, natural remedies and more!
Does Nanci file our birth certificate for the baby?
Yes. I take care of filing the birth certificate as well as your baby's social security card.
Does Nanci do the normal labs?
All labs are offered and explained throughout the pregnancy.
Does Nanci do any postpartum care?
Yes. I do two postpartum home visits as well as two postpartum visits at the office.
Let me know if you need more info!

Nanci Stanley, LM,CPM 979-777-7344 cell