Sarah Starnes Birth Story

Abigail Sunshine Adams Starnes – Delivered by Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley

8 lbs 1 oz



After 8 births you would have the tendency to believe that babies almost walk out. That is a fallacy. They don’t. Our precious Abby Sunshine, #9, came to us with a long, slow, tiring labor and delivery. With contractions starting on the 29th around 10:30 at night, 20-25 min apart I was certain that we would have a baby long before the dawn’s early light. Unfortunately, my experience with birth was causing fear to rumble in me all during the night. While none of my deliveries have been traumatic, they are still intense and transition is still painful. The time of fear and my own heart struggling to allow my body to do the task set before it ended with the sunrise. Jesus spoke peace to my heart after the darkness of prayer. The sun rose and I was not afraid. I am so thankful that I did not know that many hours still lay ahead until the prize would be in my arms. Slow and steady through the morning and then the afternoon and as we began to fall into evening she was here. On my chest, in my arms. Beautiful, fragile, strong, determined to come in her own time, full of light and happiness, a ray of Sunshine.