Having a baby can seem scary especially for first time moms. We must remember that birth is a natural process. We largely complicate the process by thinking of it as a medical procedure instead of something that happens naturally.

A Houston midwife can help you see and understand that your birth is a naturally occurring process in a way that a hospital does not promote. Having a baby in the comfort of your own home is much easier transition for both mom and baby than in a hospital. A lot of women worry about the safety of having a baby at home. They are concerned that there may be more complications if they choose a home birth.

Statistically Speaking

When you have a baby today in the hospital it can seem like a whirlwind of events. Moms are processed through the hospital system for efficiency and according to hospital policies.

There are more chances for infection and exposure to other diseases while you are in the hospital as opposed to being in your own home. More women experience secondary infections at a hospital stay than they do at home. It only stands to reason because you are exposed to a different level of germs at the hospital that you will pick up a secondary infection. The baby is also twice as likely to pick up some sort of infection in the hospital as opposed to the home.

The Complications

There are things that can go wrong during child birth, which are rare in either setting. However, in a hospital, the need to process your birth as quickly as possible is a necessity because of space limitations and the overall financial goals of the hospital. If you are laboring a little longer than normal, you might find yourself in the middle of a not so necessary C-section. Cesarean sections are major abdominal surgeries which also invite the possibility for many other non-birth related complications.

While at home you also may have complications. Typically they are minor, only birth related, and can be addressed by your Houston midwife. 

A Major Complication

There is one complication that you will absolutely experience in a hospital birth that you will not experience in a home birth. The cost! Having a baby in a hospital has loads of risk but none more noticeable than the very high financial costs of a hospital birth. Speak to a Houston midwife about your options.