Elisa Garza Kammeyer

Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley was my midwife for my fourth pregnancy, and she was always prompt for our appointments, thorough and kind in her care and knowledgeable in her advice.

She’s just a delight to be around, and an awesome midwife. Houston is lucky to have her! While the care I received during each of my pregnancies have been comparable in their excellence, this last delivery stands out as being the best. After having four children delivered with midwives in four different cities around the country, I have had the fastest and easiest recovery with this one because of Nanci: she is simply an incredible delivery coach.

When it was time for me to push, her clear, concise and gentle instructions from my midwife helped to guide my baby out in the most delicate way possible. And as a result, I had absolutely no tearing or swelling of any kind. Unlike my other recoveries, I had no lingering pain or sensitivity – and what a difference this midwife has made in “bouncing back.” I can’t thank my midwife enough, Nanci!