Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley

Nanci Stanley is an Experienced Houston Midwife with Tender Care!


Cell 979-777-7344 E-mail: midwifenanci@att.net


What are Moms Saying?

We were looking for an experienced Houston midwife. We decided to choose Nanci Stanley. My experience with Nanci was the best of all my births. She provides tremendous care. Nanci was very much in tune with my needs and kept a close eye on my health. .” – former client

Thank you so much for what you did during labor and delivery. I couldn’t have kept going without you.” – former client

This was our best birth ever!” – former client

Nanci weighs a new baby

Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley combines experience and compassionate care


Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley’s Background:

  • I attended my first birth over 18 years ago. Since then, I’ve attended over 300 births.
  • I trained under the Texas Association of Midwives.
  • I offer labor and delivery care, prenatal, postpartum, doula services/birth coaching, and birth classes.
  • My clients can expect very personalized service during pregnancy.
  • I serve as a Houston midwife in and around the Houston area. Including Tomball, The Woodlands and Bryan/College Station areas.
  • I have plenty of references available and would love to meet with you for a free consultation!


I really am grateful to have had you at my birth. You are such a blessing.” – former client

“I made the right decision in choosing you for my midwife.” – former client



Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley’s Affiliations and Certifications


  • “Our whole pregnancy experience with Nanci was fantastic. I really felt like we were in charge of having our child our way… Nanci took the time to educate our whole family” – former client
  • “After having four children delivered with midwives in four different cities around the country, I have had the fastest and easiest recovery with this one because of Nanci” – former client


The Houston Midwife Scene

There are several midwives in Houston to choose from. Do your research. I recommend any licensed midwife in Houston who has good experience and good reviews. There are many things to consider depending on what is important to you. Some moms prefer finding a midwife who is close to their home for appointments and for the birth. There are personality issues to consider. You should actually like your midwife and feel comfortable with her! You should also consider if you prefer an actual “home birth” or if you prefer to birth in a birthing center.

My office is located in the northwest part of Houston. Some moms who live far away from my office don’t mind driving to appointments because we are a good fit. But if you are not close to me, I’ll be happy to recommend another good midwife in your area!

When deciding which midwife to choose in the Houston area, ask for references and/or birth stories. Birth stories help you as a mom get acquanted with how your midwife handles the birthing process and how it affected the laboring mother. Birth stories can give you some degree of confidence in knowing what you can expect based on other ladies using your midwife. You can read many of Nanci’s birth stories here.

Being close to appointments is important to many pregnant moms. Being pregnant can be difficult. It can be especially hard when you have other children that you need to bring with you to the appointments. My office is located right off of highway 290 in the Nurtured Family Boutique. You can certainly shop for maternity items while at your appointments! My office is also kid friendly and you are welcomed to bring your children along. You can see a map to Nanci’s office here.

Getting along with your midwife and feeling comfortable is essential! Most of my clients say that I am very warm and personable to them. My personality is flexible depending on your needs and preferences. If it is your preference, I will allow you to be in total control of your birth while offering my expertise when it is needed. Or if you prefer, I will take complete charge of your birth allowing you to express your needs and wants along the way! I will always value and respect your beliefs and your preferences while maintaining the safety of mom and baby.