Houston Midwives Use Holistic Approaches

April 2013

Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley LM, CPM

Houston Midwife Nanci Stanley LM, CPM

If you use a midwife in the Houston area, chances are that she will have an extensive knowledge of holistic approaches to help you during pregnancy and labor. Alternative supplements, essential oils, and various holistic approaches are all common.

The idea of the word “holistic” is to keep things as natural as possible. It approaches the pregnancy from a “whole person” perspective. Many moms prefer to stay with holistic forms of care because they are better for the whole person of both mom and baby.

Nanci Stanley, LM, CPM encourages natural supplements, pre-natal nutrition and natural oils to deal with common concerns. For example, Nanci will often recommend essential oils such as lavender for sleeplessness, thieves oil for some infections, peppermint oil for headaches and sinus problems and ginger for nausea.

Nanci carries a very high quality prenatal vitamin called Prenatal Forte. She also carries probiotics designed for the vaginal tract and a wash used to help kill Group Beta Strep.

Most Houston midwives, including Nanci Stanley, also gives nutritional counseling and exercise recommendations to pregnant moms.

“I also have loads of movies and books for clients to check out to help with a full education or pregnancy, birth and beyond”, explains Nanci.

Many of the Houston midwives use similar techniques. Nanci Stanley says, “Many midwives in Houston are holistic in their approach, and that is a good thing. Although I have a back up doctor who is an Ob/Gyn and my clients have access to her through me, many of my pregnant moms prefer more holistic alternatives than the traditional medical community offers.”