Post-Partum: What to Expect After Your Birth When Using a Midwife

If you have decided to use a midwife for your birth, you can expect your Houston midwife to help you in a variety of ways.


In the hours following your birth, you can expect to receive guidance from your midwife. Many stay with their patients long enough to perform an examination of the baby. They may examine you, as well and continue to perform checks and monitoring. Expect her to give you tips and pointers and to help you with breastfeeding. Your midwife will also inform you what you should do and what to expect in the next few days. If you have any questions about how to care for yourself and your baby, specifically, feel free to ask her. Your midwife is here for you and your family. Be sure to use their knowledge! You can expect your midwife to consult with the physician they work with in the case that something is not normal.

Plenty of Privacy and Space

One of the things that many women love about their birth experience with their midwife is that they are allowed plenty of privacy after birth. They understand that this is a time that a family should spend together. You may find the hands-off style of the midwife directly after birth a bit strange (especially if you have given birth in a hospital before). However, many women actually prefer this experience. You can use this time to document your birth, rest, get acquainted with your baby, and allow the father to become more familiar with baby.