Prenatal Care From A Midwife

Your prenatal care is the first step towards a healthier baby.  Every parent strives for a healthy baby.  The best way to start is by receiving your prenatal care.

Prenatal Care

If you choose a Houston Midwife such as Nanci Stanley, you will find that they are trained in providing excellent prenatal care.  When you receive regular prenatal care you will have less health risk during the labor and there is less of a chance of you delivering prematurely and inviting other preventable complications.  A midwife is an excellent professional of prenatal care throughout the pregnancy.  Imagine talking with your midwife and knowing that they truly care about your concerns.  They will be there to answer any of your questions.

Your appointments aren’t just about having a physical assessment done.  You may also receive education during your visits.  This could include proper eating, different delivery options, and breastfeeding.  These are just a few topics that can be discussed during your appointment.  When you have an appointment with a midwife you will receive the same experience that you would from an obstetrician but your experience will often be more personalized and detailed.


When you choose to use a Houston Midwife you will have the calming knowledge that your particular midwife will be there during your childbirth, as opposed to a hospital birth in which you aren’t necessarily guaranteed which doctor will deliver your baby.  Depending on which midwife you choose there are different methods of childbirth that you can choose from.

Some midwives will help with home births, water births, and you could even deliver in a birthing center.  The choices that you choose will depend on the midwife that you decide on.  Knowing that your midwife cares about the importance of quality prenatal care will help you in feeling comfortable in talking with them in detail before the birth. What a wonderful feeling to know that when you need a soothing advice, all you have to do is place a phone call to your midwife!  You don’t have to call a receptionist and then feel like a nuisance.

Your midwife will be there to answer any and all your questions before, during, and after your birth. She will help you with all of your concerns and help you deal with any anxiety during your pregnancy.  A midwife can make the precious moments of giving birth to your baby a much happier and safer experience for both of you and your little one.