The Home Birth of Archer Lux Guimbellot

March 11, 2014

From the moment I learned I was pregnant I knew I wanted a home birth. I hate hospitals and being around people when I’m not feeling well, so I couldn’t imagine trying to accomplish a natural birth in the presence of strangers and with the pressures of intervention.

As soon as we met with Nanci for our consultation we knew she was the one. Her experience, confidence and calm demeanor were the qualities I was looking for in a midwife. She was always quick to answer my first-time-mom questions and reassuring of my concerns.

My husband was well prepared to coach me and Nanci was excellent in supporting us both throughout the labor. Knowing I had two experienced professionals caring for my baby and me allowed me to be completely present and give birth with intention.

Houston Midwife Nanci StanleyLabor pains began around 7 am and by 4pm things were serious. Contractions got closer together and more intense. I got into the birthing pool and was really able to relax between contractions. I pushed a few times but did not feel comfortable enough to continue in the water. We moved into the bedroom where I laid on the bed and, hands behind my knees, I continued pushing. About 20 minutes later he crowned. Nanci took my hand and placed it on his head. It was a huge encouragement to feel that progress! Another few pushes and his head was out. Another push and his whole body shot right out! Josh and Nanci caught him and placed him on my chest. He was tiny and purple and mad. He was perfect. He weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce, was 20.5 inches long. Josh cut the umbilical cord and we were a family.

I write this summary of my experience. No one’s story is the same. Some women have pleasant memories of giving birth. Some women do not. I am of the latter. For me, this was a traumatic experience. I had no complications, no real issues, but it was Houston Midwivesinexplicably difficult. It was painful. I’d read birth stories, natural birth books, watched home births…nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of the birth of my son. It is something I could not think on for some time after. It is also something I would never take back.

Thank you, Nanci, for helping us to introduce our sweet baby into the world. Our lives are forever changed.

-Rachel Nash

Houston Midwives