Nanci was my Houston midwife for my first and second pregnancy. Nanci was truly amazing. She is definitely an angel sent from above.

On my first pregnancy, my husband has given me the freedom to choose how I am gonna deliver our baby. He was thinking I would want to be in a hospital but I told him I’m doing it at home with a midwife. He was reluctant knowing that I am new in the country and did not know anybody. Even he had no idea about the processes of homebirth. As he had given me permission, we proceeded with my choice. With prayers, I began searching for Houston midwives online. I talked tobabypic1 several midwives and looked up into some natural birthing centers. In the middle of search Nanci’s name appeared to me. I happened (which I believed its God’s will) to be in her website, saw her beautiful smile and read clients’s birth stories. I was amazed by them and not only that Nanci seemed to be a nice lady by looking at her photo. Well, I called and talked to her and scheduled my first visit. She sounded like a sweet lady on the phone.

July 5th 2012, was the day I thought my baby would come. That day while I was walking in my neighborhood, I felt this little gush of fluid under me so I hurried home and it was the “bloody show”. Soon enough I felt cramps in my lower belly, like menstrual cramps. As a first time mother, I freaked out and called my husband who was at work to come home. I texted Nanci and she told me to time the contractions. But there was nothing, the day went by with nothing happened. That night around 11 while I was sitting on the couch watching a movie, I felt the gush of fluid again. This time there is plenty enough to wet my whole underwear and I was sure my water broke. My husband was not convinced that it was my water since he did not saw at leastany drops on the floor. I had to put on a pad and 30 minutes later my pad was soaked. I began to think I am in labor. Because it was my first time, I had so much in mind. I was laying in bed and just listened and observed how I feel. Around midnight, the cramps was getting harder and harder until 2am theĀ  contraction started. All this time I/my husband was on the phone texting Nanci and she was there with me telling me the things I want to know. My contractions became consistent around 4am (thats what I thought) and I wanted Nanci to come over right away. And there she was at my house at dawn. Seeing her was already a relief.She set up her stuff with my husband while I was in the birthing pool thinking I will be pushing the baby soon! 6am came but nothing happened. This time Nanci had to check me only to find out I was not ready! I was not fully dilated. That was bad news for me because I was in so much pain that I wanted it to be over soon. It was 7 hours after my water broke so I needed to get going. She helped me emotionally and spiritually. We prayed together and she let me do some exercise to help my pelvis open. I even got to have a hot shower in to ease the pain. I did all these with all the trust and confidence to Nanci. I did the exercises around 11am then she checked me on my bed and boom! I was so ready that I did not have time to get into the birthing pool which was just in my living room! A healthy, strong baby-Isabella came out at 12:02 that afternoon. She was 6.8lbs 18.5in long. Peace came over the house and I felt very blessed looking at my newborn angel.

babypic2Three months later I found out I was pregnant again! We called Nanci and there we were again. My second labor was shorter and the pain was more bearable. I started labor 12 midnight and Miriam came out at 5:22 am. she was 5.10 lbs 19in long.

Thanks to Nanci for without her help. I could not do it. She was very supportive during and after my pregnancies. God bless her heart.

-Susana Yeager