Birth Experience: Laura Braun

Laura Braun Birth Story

We cannot say enough about the care and experience we had with Nanci Stanley. This was our 4th child and the 1st using a midwife. As the pregnancy progressed we kept saying to each other “why didn’t we do it this way with the first 3 kids?!” And then after delivery, it was just an incredible experience. Nanci made us feel like her only patient. She answered all our questions, reminded us of what was to come, and gave us healthy and natural solutions when there were issues.houston midwife

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When we got pregnant, I knew I wanted something different this delivery, I wanted to have a say in my body and my care. BUT, I was already 42 years old, and I kept waiting for someone to tell me I was too old. With our 3rd child, the OB kept trying to do genetic testing and spent the majority of the nine months telling us the risks at my age – and I was only 35 years old at that point! As my midwife, Nanci explained that as long as I stayed healthy we were good to go. She kept an eye on my health at the appointments and I monitored my blood pressure and blood sugars at home. Everything went very smoothly.

Delivery was so much more than we expected. There was no getting in the car and being uncomfortable as we drove to the hospital. There was no need for my husband to leave me alone while he went to park the car. I was able to try stay in positions that were easier for me to deal with the contractions and then get into the birth pool when I wanted. We delivered in the birth pool in our own bedroom. Our other kids were able to see her right from the beginning. I slept in my own bed after we delivered.  With Houston Midwife Nancy Stanley, the recovery was MUCH BETTER then with the prior deliveries.

We cannot tell Nanci thank you enough for all her support, guidance, and care during our pregnancy and delivery!!! She has truly been a blessing to our family.Houston Midwife

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